A little image from my pocket sketchbook that I decided to color up last night after work. The Red Bull and the Unicorn.

Still getting used to a new screen (and trying to calibrate it correctly), but I’ll have to get used another new one in a few days when I get my second monitor. So hopefully the colors look alright for everyone! 

  • Hawke:

    don't worry. I got this.

  • Inquisitor:

    hey! I'm the leader here!

  • Hawke:

    I can lead

  • Inquisitor:

    because that worked out so well before -

  • Hawke:

    -the chantry blew up one time and it wasn't even me -

  • [they both continue to squabble until they're pushed aside]

  • THE warden:

    okay, move aside shitheads. Mama's gonna get shit done

  • commanderspock:


    Black dog, get off my back…

    i wanted to try graphite powder on this one, in hope that soft shading of big areas will be quicker…. But i don’t know if i bought some shitty powder (only that it was the only art powder i found in stores), or i’m doing it wrong, because it’s impossible to make it darker, it does only really really light shading so i need to add layer in pc anyway. Pencil shading still works better, but it takes sooo much time.




    Angkor is one of the most important and the greatest archaeological sites in the world. This by the way the world’s largest (400 square kilometers) temple complex (almost a 1000 temples) was between IX and XV century the capital of the Khmer Empire. Probably, in the eleventh century, numbering one million inhabitants of Angkor was the largest city in the contemporary world.

    most magical place in the world imo

    even the name is middle earth

    I want to go, if just to touch the sun-kissed ruins



    Wall-Mounted Sugar Skull Trophy Heads by Krisztianna

    If the Day of the Dead were extended throughout the four seasons and woodland nymphs pranced through the ghosts of fallen leaves, would even they be safe from the hunter’s rifle? Krisztianna’s “Muertita” series combines nature with the sugar skull aesthetic to create these otherworldy wall-mounted heads, a trophy dedicated to the extinction of all that’s magical and mysterious in the world.

     Prints available on Society 6



    Goblin Spider by Forest Rogers

    Goblin Spider was inspired by a folktale and traditional Japanese ukiyo-e prints. Elaborate hairpins made me think “legs,” of course. I also noticed that many beauties were depicted holding a bit of folded fabric or tissue in their mouths. This was a come-hither symbol, sufficiently demure to get past court censors but widely understood as erotic (don’t attempt it with Bounty Duratowel — it loses in translation). Thus, mouse in mouth. 

    via Muddy colours

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